Cottage cheese in new shape
2015. július 02.
We started the production of our new cottage cheese on high purity, modern technological production line.
Law fat and semi-skimmed version in 250 gr wrecking it can be find the stores.
80 pieces of cake for charity
2014. december 07.
Our dairy took part again on the charitable cake auciton of the local Slendy bakery. We bought a 80-slice cake, in order to help the Advent of the local foundations. We consume the cake at our braking-up ceremony. This year the incoming money was given to the Wildflower Foundation and the Lárifári Foundation.
Encounter of milk and fruit in a new product
2014. szeptember 17.
Through the collaboration of two companies in Somogy county FINO-FOOD Ltd. and SIÓ-ECKES Ltd. the SIÓ yoghurt was born recently. The milk from Somogy and the fruit of Sió meet in this new product. Available in small and bigger plastic cup and carton, with strawberry, sour cherry and apricot flavouring.
Communique about the Hungarian milk market
2014. július 31.
The Hungarian Milk Organization and Council issued a communication about the situation of the Hungarian milk market and the demonstration of the dairy farmers in this summer.
The whole communique is readable and download in Hungarian from this link:
Fino is the Maecenas of the Year
2014. február 24.

Our dairy won the Maecenas of the Year prize, the regard was given over at the Sport Gala of our county by the leaders of Somogy County’s Sport Federation. We are the denominator sponsor of the man volleyball team of Kaposvár since 2010. Since then they have won three championship title and also three Hungarian Cup lead.
Marry Christmas!
2013. december 21.

We wish marry Christmas
and a happy new year
for our customers and partners!

Fondu is ideal for those who like specialities. Not only chocolate could be melted in the fondu, but also cheese, and added any flavouring it could be a real delicacy. It is a great thing to dunk bread or fruits into it.
Simple but spectacular the Mozzarella tower is. Red-white, red-white, red-white and a little green at the end. Italilan, Hungarian, depends on the point of view.

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